A work in progress on installing the PDAL stack on Centos 7

http://pdal.io http://entwine.io

Note - trying to run the code here as a shell script will break right now.

To do:

Caveats/disclaimer: This document is provided for advice only, and comes with no guarantee of success. Building things from source can have unintended impacts on other aspects of your machine. I've assumed here that the build environment starts clean and will be deployed only for PDAL operations.

#Documentation on buuilding the PDAL stack on Centos 7
#taken heavily from here:
# https://github.com/PDAL/PDAL/tree/master/scripts/linux-install-scripts
# Also check the docker install scripts in the PDAL source if things seem
# to be missing.

#note - here we assume that the epel repository is enabled on your machine:
# https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/EPEL

#yum yum - get the basic Centos stuff done
yum install curl-devel gcc-c++ 

#cmake3 is required for PDAL and entwine
yum install cmake3 cmake-gui

#many compression libraries
yum install bzip2 bzip2-devel lzip lzma xz-devel libarchive-devel

#I need to google expat sometime. Note than jsoncpp from source is built later, but
# does not over-write the system library.
yum install expat-devel jsoncpp jsoncpp-devel ncurses-devel

#more yum installs
yum install CUnit-devel libxml2-devel  

#geospatial stuff
yum install proj proj-devel geos geos-devel libtiff libtiff-devel gdal gdal-devel libgeotiff libgeotiff-devel

# system boost version is OK 
yum install boost boost-devel

#using this because I install the postgres-pointcloud extension
# nb - for my setup postgres is installed by DevOps. Uncomment below if that doesn't happen for you
# yum install postgresql95
yum install postgresql95-devel

#using these because I install the icebridge extension
yum install hdf5-devel netcdf4-devel

#And I want the python bindings...
yum install numpy

#building everything in a place called /local, change to suit.

cd /local/build
git clone https://github.com/verma/laz-perf.git laz-perf
cd laz-perf
cmake -G "Unix Makefiles" -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr . && make && make install
cd ../

git clone https://github.com/LASzip/LASzip.git laszip
cd laszip
git checkout 6de83bc3f4abf6ca30fd07013ba76b06af0d2098
cmake . -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr && make && make install
cd -

#NB - the commit checked out above is taken from entwine docs and seems to work.
# checking out master did not at the time I build it last (early Nov 2016)
#git clone https://github.com/LASzip/LASzip.git laszip
#cd laszip/
#make install
#cd ../

git clone https://github.com/hobu/hexer.git
cd hexer
make install

#p2g - probably superceded by writers.gdal
git clone https://github.com/CRREL/points2grid.git
cd points2grid/
make install
cd ../

#libGHT (for postgres-pointcloud)
git clone https://github.com/pramsey/libght.git
cd libght
make install
cd ../

git clone https://github.com/pramsey/pointcloud.git
Mkdir pointcloud-build
cd pointcloud-build
cmake ../pointcloud -DPG_CONFIG=”/usr/pgsql-9.5/bin/pg_config
make install

#...and finally PDAL!
git clone https://github.com/PDAL/PDAL.git
mkdir PDAL-build
cd PDAL-build
cmake3 ../PDAL
ccmake3 ../PDAL
#configure as required 
make install

# need to know where to look for PDAL...
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/usr/lib:/usr/local/lib"

#update jsoncpp from source:
Git clone https://github.com/open-source-parsers/jsoncpp.git
mkdir jsoncpp-build && cd jsoncpp-build
cmake3 -G "Unix Makefiles" -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RelWithDebInfo ../jsoncpp
make && make install
#installs into /usr/lib - note this for entwine build

#then entwine
git clone https://github.com/connormanning/entwine.git
mkdir entwine-build && cd entwine-build
cmake3 -G "Unix Makefiles"     -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr     -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RelWithDebInfo ../entwine
#configure jsoncpp libraries here:
ccmake3 ../entwine
make && make install
cd ../

#finally the greyhound pointcloud server (used for querying the entwine index)